Important Information to share when calling for Towing Service

Important Information to share when calling for Towing Service

Car breakdowns and other issues related to it may happen at the most unmatched times and the most random places. So, if your car leaves you stranded on the road, then calling a towing service for help is the best option. If you stuck anywhere in Lucknow, then you can call for towing service in Lucknow, as it’s just a phone call away. These expert professionals of the towing company will reach you quickly for towing your vehicle. In addition to this, in this post, we are giving you details regarding the information that you must share when calling for towing service.

  1. Location

One of the most significant pieces of information you will need to give a towing company is your location. The towing truck operator needs to know where you and your car is placed. Giving them the proper location or address will save their time in they will find your car fast. In case, if you don’t know about the location or address then look around for any street sign or landmarks. Apart from this, if you have a GPS, you can easily pinpoint the existing location for finding the exact address.

  1. The condition of your Car

Another important thing that you must tell a towing company is about your car. You should provide the details about the model of your car and or if it has a manual or automatic transmission. In addition to this, you must also give information regarding the condition of your car, like is it totally damaged, or slightly damaged. Furthermore, all this information will help the towing service company in choosing the right tow truck to bring as per the condition of the car.

  1. Drivetrain

The dispatcher needs to know what kind of drivetrain your car has. Such as it has rear-wheel, front-wheel, four-wheel, or all-wheel drive. Usually, the all-wheel-drive vehicles are towed on flatbeds trucks. Whereas front- and rear-wheel drivetrains have changed requirements to hook the car up to the tow truck. So, telling about all these things will help the towing company to identify your car from a distance efficiently.

  1. Some additional information

The last piece of information that you must tell the car towing service in Lucknow is if your car is not on a stable surface, like a road or a parking lot. In case, if your car is down in an embankment, then tow truck service providers may require to use different types of tools like a winch, to get your car out safely. Thus, letting the towing company know about this will help them to ensure that they send a driver prepared with the precise equipment to the location provided by you.

# Final Words
So, when you call a towing company to tow your vehicle, you must share all the information mentioned above in the post with the towing company. This information will help the towing service providers to decide which tow truck to send and give you the best possible service. Also, companies offering towing service in Lucknow ensure a prompt reply and tow your vehicle in an efficient manner.


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