Getting the basics of the fruit basket right

Getting the basics of the fruit basket right

The challenge lies in itself to come up with a fruit basket that is not only useful but attractive as well. But when it comes to fruit basket there has to be a budget at the back of your mind before you choose the gift. It could be one of the reasons why fruit baskets are increasingly become popular in the last few years. Be it a health conscious individual or presenting some gift to your near or dear one nothing stands in comparison to what a fruit basket has to offer. With just mere clicks online you can send out fresh fruit baskets to any remote corner of the world. Not only it is nutritious, but low in calories and ideally suited for all occasions. By following a few simple tips you can stitch together a fruit basket at the comfort of your home

Sort out the basics

To make a fruit basket you are going to require a large and a robust basket that is going to hold all the fruits that you have in your mind. It is not only about wicker or cane baskets it is possible to recycle the wooden baskets after painting them.  The use of unused flower pots will not be a bad idea.

An idea is to choose fresh fruits at all times and the ones that are devoid of scars, spots and do not smell strange. As far as the question of variety emerges you can pick from pineapples, apples or any fruit that is available in the season. Certain type of fruits can be arranged in UK fruit gift hampers if you choose them carefully. Make sure that you keep a coloured and plastic sheet handy and bows for decoration. There might be a requirement of glue.

Start to arrange

Numerous websites are there in the market which is going to provide fresh fruits delivery. It is better to opt for one if you are not that confident on the delivery part.  But if things are creative it should be ok

  • Starting off put the heavy fruits in the middle or in the middle. It means that the pineapples grapes or water melon has to be arranged in the centre. A suggestion is to arrange smaller fruits like apples or lemons around them. Feel free to coordinate the colours as per your wish or try to develop a contrast. A point to consider is that you should not put fruits like plums or grapes under the heavier fruits.
  • The structure by which you can arrange fruits might be in the form of a hemisphere and this depends upon the fruits you use. Ensure that the basket is not going to topple

To conclude in order to make the fruit basket attractive try to do something extra. It does not only have to be fruits but it can be cheese or gourmet chocolates and a lot more. Once in a while it would be a good idea to add vibrant flowers.


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