How facial recognition software sets new benchmarks

How facial recognition software sets new benchmarks

Facial recognition has gone on to become a prominent feature in our daily lives. Though it has gone on to emerge as a topic of controversy at the same time. Even the topic has emerged in the European Parliament where experts are of the opinion it needs to be banned as a surveillance tool. But still in a number of scenarios facial recognition is put to use. Most the top facial recognition companies use it at the place of work and for hiring decisions.

Whatever be the situation facial recognition is bound to attract a lot of takers. Hence there are positives and pointers to guard against facial recognition. So it is better you are well aware about the informational topic.

The benefits of facial recognition

Facial recognition benefits the society by preventing crimes, minimizes human interaction and enhances security and safety. In some cases it might help medical staff.

A law enforcement agency relies on facial recognition software to locate people. The moment you end up combining it with ageing software it is going to showcase on how a child looks in a few years’ time. A facial recognition is going to help someone missing for a few years.

A business owner relies on the use of facial recognition software to detect unidentified thieves the moment they enter a store. Such prospective measure goes a long way in preventing shoplifting. The people are less likely to be committing a crime when they are being watched as the technology works out to be a deterrent.

The role of facial recognition in improving safety along with security has been paramount. For a few years facial recognition has been part of airport screening as it enables to identify passengers who are likely to be criminals.

The software of facial recognition is bound to require fewer touch points when you compare it to the other type of security measures and an example is finger printing. It is not going to require any form of physical interaction. Rather it relies on the use of AI to be making an informed choice.

Even the convenience of facial recognition is bound to exist beyond security as well. It is known to tag your photos via Google storage or Apple. What it does is that it makes it easy to optimize and share your photos.

The pointers to guard

Just as the case with any form of technology there is bound to be a series of drawbacks with facial technology like personal freedom or data theft. Even errors could spring up due to flaws in the technology. In fact privacy does emerge to be one of the major issues.

When the people feel that they are constantly watched by the software the possibility of crime reduces. In addition the police can run this software on any criminal who is part of their database.

These are some of the benefits of facial recognition software, but the key is to use it with a balanced approach.


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