Brake Linings – A Mandate for All Vehicles

Brake Linings – A Mandate for All Vehicles

The consumable surfaces present in brake systems like drum brakes, disc brakes used in vehicles for transport purposes are called Brake linings.The other name of Brake Lining is Brake Pad. The origin of Brake Lining lies in Bertha Benz’s invention. It was Herbert Frood who developed the very first asbestos Brake Linings back in 1908. Frood is accredited for the implementation of the use of Asbestos Brake Linings.

Types of Brake Linings and their benefits

Usually, three materials are used to make up brake pads or brake linings. They are — “Ceramic,” “Semi-metallic,” and “Organic.”

Ceramic Brake Linings

 Ceramics are comparatively new in Business than the other two. This one is also costly, but there are certain benefits of ceramic brake linings. They are as follows:-

  • Its longevity is more which can justify the cost as they don’t need to be changed more often.
  • These linings are almost soundless.
  • They have a greater capacity for tolerating heat. 
  • Ceramic brake pads consist of copper fibers that are very fine. This helps to increase the friction and heat conductivity of the pads.
  • These pads are more reliable in a wide range of temperatures.

Semi-metallic Brake Linings

These brake linings are made from metals like iron, copper, steel, or metallic alloys. The metals are mixed with fillers like graphite lubricant and others to make the brake pads. These are costly, but they have certain benefits:-

  • These brake linings last longer. 
  • Semi-metallic brake linings are ideal for various types of driving in both hot and cold weather conditions. 
  • They have immense heat tolerance capacity, light to moderate hauling, and are excellent on hilly areas.
  • Most metals are good conductors of heat and can more amount of heat for a longer time, and at the same time, they help the braking systems to cool down faster.
  • They need significantly less pressure on the brake pedal to affect the stopping ability of the vehicle.

Organic Brake Linings

 The most cost-effective brake linings are made with Asbestos. as the common component. The benefits of organic brake Linings are as follows:-

  • They are good heat-resistant.
  • They can be used for an extended period.
  • These linings are soft on the rotors. 
  • These pads work out well for everyday driving.
  • Organic brake linings are environmentally friendly and produce less dust than the other kinds of brake linings.
  • These are pocket-friendly as well.

Things to keep in mind regarding Brake Linings

Brake Linings must be cautiously used as they need to be replaced after a certain period. Else, the material gets affected by wear and tear with time. With the wearing out of Linings, the Brakes tend to squeak and become less smooth. Worn-out Brake Linings cause more significant damage and engine damage which is, in turn, more expensive damage.They are critical components of brake systems since they are the material that comes into contact with rotors to slow the brakes down without wearing them out too quickly.

When it comes to Brake Linings, there are many leading brake lining manufacturers in India. These manufacturers use cutting-edge technologies and modern manufacturing processes to provide industry-best solutions to clients. Modern automobiles have powerful engines, and it is essential to have robust breaking solutions in place to ensure vehicle safety.


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