Buy cruelty free body wash to save animals

Buy cruelty free body wash to save animals

People use different types of cosmetics for their daily use. But, beauty products are launched in the market without involving animals. This type of testing is done to make the cosmetics toxin free or cruelty free. Some brands of cosmetics allow testing on animals to make products cruelty free while some are not. It is wise to use cruelty free cosmetics. Body wash is I required having shower with the product, so that dirt and other deposited particles are removed. It is wise to select cruelty free body wash, so that toxins are not used on body. 

Vegan vs. cruelty free

Sometimes, vegan or herbal term is used instead of cruelty free. Organic or vegan actually implies that ingredients are not derived from animals. It always intended that plant derivatives are used to produce the cosmetics. Trees, plants, herbs of India hold many benefits towards human body both internally and externally. Many consumers intend to use organic or cruelty free body wash.  In the other way round, cruelty free can be explained as the beauty products are not tested on animals. Now, the question is   cruelty free product is vegan? Te cosmetics which are derived only with plant derivatives can be termed as vegan. But, the practice of testing the beauty products is very harmful practice by law. So, now this practice is prohibited as many animals like goats, rabbits, dogs, cats and many more. So, many consumers search for cruelty free products, so that no animals are hurt due to application of beauty products.

Different cosmetic brands

Label of cruelty free means that the product was not tested on animals. There is no perfect definition for cruelty free. But, cruelty free body wash brands do not perform testing of their beauty products on animals.FDA has not defined the term cruelty free by set of laws. Many cruelty free body wash brands do not test the ingredients or products on animals. Cruelty free brands do not even test the ingredients on animals. There are more than 1000 brands internationally that are cruelty free. Leaping bunny symbol is provided on the products. Many consumers are intended to buy cruelty free products. It will be easier for them to identify. Type of Testing on animals is the level of toxicity of product or skin and eye irritations.


Many brands in modern days are manufacturing cosmetics without testing on animals. Severe toxicity testing on animals can hurt them and for this purpose, FDA has formulated law towards cruelty free beauty products. Leaping bunny is the symbolic representation of cruelty free products.  Internationally, there are more than 1000 brands to produce cruelty free products.FDA has formulated laws in favor of cruelty free products. But, FDA has not tied up the laws in stringent way.Gradually, many more cruelty free body wash brands will grow, so that no more animals are died. People can buy cruelty free beauty products. In this way, animals can be saved in future.


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