How to play GTA Online with friends

How to play GTA Online with friends

Many people are trying out GTA Online for the first time because Grand Theft Auto V is the Epic Games Store free game of the week. With so many new players, a lot of people are wondering how to play GTA Online with friends. Due to the sometimes painful loading screens, there are some good methods you can use to easily start sessions with your friends.Where to find Pine Wood (Best Farm Route) | Genshin Impact

How to play GTA Online with friends

  • Start a game in Single Player Mode
  • Pause and go to Play Online
  • Select Invite Only Session

To play Grand Theft Auto Online with friends, make sure you start your GTA Online in the right way. We have a separate guide for avoiding loading screens, but we’ll explain the best way to play with your friends. Sometimes when you are new to the game you and your team can keep getting split up and it’s frustrating. This will hopefully solve your issue.

First, start an invite session and invite all your friends to it. You can do this by starting the game in single-player mode. Next, hit escape if you’re on PC or pause and go to Play Online, then select Invite Only Session.

Some people report that if you’re online you can go to Creator, and when Creator loads you can go to Online, Play GTA Online, and start an invite-only session from there to save minutes in loading screens.

You can also invite players to missions on the mission lobby screen. The other player will need to accept the invite from his in-game mobile phone. Make sure to start the game as a lobby host by going to Lamar on the map, and temporarily set matchmaking as closed. Invite your friends, and then you can open it up if you want others to join.

How to play jobs with friends in GTA Online

To play specific jobs, head to the section under the start menu by going to start, online, jobs, Rockstar created, and picking a job. Invite your friends to join the job and start when you’re ready.

GTA Online celebrates April 20 with exclusive gifts and bonuses


Rockstar Games celebrates the April 20 holiday in GTA Online with a few 4/20-inspired gifts and bonuses for players. Head on over to Ammu-Nation, Binco, Ponsonby’s, or Suburban to pick up some of the in-game goodies. You’ll also receive a few things just for playing the game, including a free Vapers Den Tee. Here’s a look at all of the GTA Online 4/20 gifts and bonuses.

GTA Online 4/20 Gifts and Bonuses

  • The Vapers Den Tee
  • White and Black Rockstar Camo Shirt
  • High Flyer Parachute Bag
  • Green Space Horror Suit
  • X-Ray Emissive Mask
  • Green Tire Smoke
  • Additional profit from Cayo Perico

White and Black Rockstar Camo, Fake Vapid, Vapers Den T-shirts

Players can pick up the white and black Rockstar camo t-shirt along with the $4.20 Fake Vapid t-shirt just for playing. Additionally, the Vapers Den t-shirt was available earlier in the week, and players who claimed it will receive a special aged version.

High Flyer Parachute Bag

Pick up the extraordinarily rare High Flyer Parachute Bag from visiting the Ammu-Nation store in-game.

Green Space Horror Suit

Hit up Binco, Ponsonby’s, or Suburban to snag the Green Space Horror Suit. You can also head on over to the LS Customs shop for a free Green Tire Smoke bonus.

X-Ray Emissive Mask

Playing GTA Online at any point this week will grant you the Vapers Den previously mentioned tee, along with the X-Ray Emissive Mask shown above. All you have to do is log in before April 21 to get them both.

Additionally, Rockstar mentioned in their post that the black market is on the up and up. Prices for contraband are higher than ever, and you can ride the wave by completing the Biker Business Sales for double the reward. RC Bandito Races are also paying out twice as much money and RP for the next seven days. Lastly, you’ll earn double for all the green you can fit in your loot bag by visiting Cayo Perico.


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