Top 7 flower decorations for your birthday celebrations

Top 7 flower decorations for your birthday celebrations

There are a lot of ways in which you can surprise the birthday person. Decorating the party venue is one of them. Help them out by incorporating the most bewildering flowers in the party decoration. 

Here are a few ideas that would help them add grace and elegance to the most important event this year. These seven flower decoration ideas would give a stunning look to the party venue. Add the charm and compliment the personality of the birthday person with vivid and riveting flowers. 

Flower monogram 

Flower monograms can be made to give a stargazing look to your party venue for birthday celebrations. A flower monogram is a decoration item made with flowers. You can have the initials of the birthday person made with flowers and installed at the party venue. It could make a perfect backdrop for the cake cutting ceremony.

 You can have the favourite flowers of the birthday person create a flower monogram. If it’s your daughter’s birthday, you can go for the pink lilies. Some sunflowers would do great if you are planning for a beachside party. Chiffon curtains dancing with the waves of wind, and some sunflowers filling up the ambience with the mesmerizing aroma. 

This would be the perfect way to celebrate the birthday. Let the birthday girl or boy feel special in the fantastic atmosphere on their birthday, making them feel lively, energetic and euphoric. 

Flower cake table 

Get ready for the lavish dinner for a lunch party on your birthday. You can have a grand ravishing flower decoration on the cake table. To make the cake ceremony the most fun part of the event, decorate the cake table with a shiny satin tablecloth and deck up some flowers on the edges with cake in the centre. You can have some tempting desserts to fill up the table. 

You can add some drapery and fresh flowers to give a scintillating background. You can have the name of the guest of honour written in a calligraphic letter in the backdrop and wish them a happy birthday in the most attractive way.

Flower and Balloons 

Flower decoration can be complimented well with these colour coordinated balloons. You can have a grand entry to your party venue. Deck up the entry gate with some flamboyant, vibrant flowers and welcome your guests to a celebration that they would remember all their life. 

You have a chance to let them immerse in the beauty and captivating aroma of fresh blue orchids and red roses. Choose your favourite flower and let it dazzle up your birthday celebrations in the most unique way. 

Flower Pom Poms

Even if it is an outdoor party or an indoor venue, you can have flower pom poms to adorn the ceiling. You can hang these flower pom-poms from the tree or have long strands of flower pom poms to create a faux ceiling.

 Even if you don’t know how to make flower pom poms, you can ask your local florist to create big and small colourful pom-poms from fresh flowers. Give a luxurious feel of having chandeliers hanging just above your heads. You can add some fairy light stands along with these flower Pom poms and create a magical effect at your birthday celebrations.

Flower bouquet table 

If you want to have dinner with family and friends or plan for an outdoor lunch together, then a flower bouquet table can help you light up your birthday celebrations. Set up the table with glass vases, add some muted matching flowers to create a floral Paradise in the garden. Add the much-needed joy and bliss to the ambience for your family and friends to revel in.

Flower wood board

Make any part of the venue the highlight of the celebration. Deck up with the most loving flowers and have the birthday person’s name written on the wooden board, which creates a backdrop for the most adorable photographs.

You can have this lavish flower decoration as the background for the dinner table. Just imagine how beautiful this part of the venue would be when you have some mouth-watering desserts with some embellishing flowers filling up your sight.

Order flowers online in Bangalore and give the most eye pleasing effect to your party. There are numerous ways that will pump up the fervour of celebrations. Make your loved one’s birthday fabulous and beguiling.


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